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  “Our aspiration is that collectors will forever hold dear and cherish our work from beautiful Lake Tahoe”

Thomas Jeffery Garrels and Mary Garrels are devoted to their creativity. Their gallery at Lake Tahoe is the connection that links their art creations with the world. They both have artworks in several public and private collections worldwide. Their artistic versatility has earned them numerous commissioned artworks which they have created either individually or together.

Thomas's passion is to create paintings that take you back to the Art Nouveau period. With the tip of his brush he loves to express his enthusiasm for color and design. Through these elements he tells stories about the animal kingdom and of the interesting diversities of people who inhabit our planet. His paintings are alive with vivid color, texture and precious metals. The finest attribute of his work is a result of his ability to translate his imagination onto his canvas with delicate detail and perspective.

Mary's passion is to create abstract paintings that engender unique and engaging elements. When she paints, her palette of color melts on to her canvas emulating nature with uncomplicated detail. Her focus is to create nonobjective art forms powered with texture and color. Layers of paint and impasto combined with precious metals permeate her canvas to create a 3D surface that infuses light.

Mary Garrels is also captivated with photography. She considers her camera to be another paintbrush in her hand. Looking through the lens of her camera, Mary's eye tenderly searches for a photograph that feels more like a painting than a postcard. On her photo shoots, she searches to capture that perfect raw image that will grasp a painterly style. At times she will elaborate her images with impressionistic elements. Other times her eye may focus inside an area of her photo to find an abstract that is calling for minimalist qualities. She will then customize her work with size and shape to fit your needs. She generates all her images onto archival canvas with fade resistant, permanent pigments.

Mary began her A.P. art training in high school at the Art Institute, Los Angeles and continued on to a BFA at California State University at Northridge. After completing her education, she moved to San Luis Obispo, California and spent the next thirty years creating art for collectors. During Thomas's high school years, he began to study art as well, and after completing his BFA at California State University at Stanislaus, he traveled many countries of the world. For eight years he created paintings portraying the towns and country sides he visited. During these travels, Thomas attentively observed the artistic styles of all the cultures he encountered. He spent many months at each town and found inspiration in visiting local artisans and museums.

The Garrels represent their work exclusively. They love being involved with the entire process from creating the art, to finalizing it for your special environment with the perfect frame. Tom and Mary believe their art research never ends. They consider their studio to be akin to a laboratory, it is a place where they continuously expand their artistic endeavors. Their gallery at Lake Tahoe offers an opportunity to create full time, which they desire to do for the remainder of their life. The magnificence of Lake Tahoe and the splendor of the Sierra Nevada Mountains provide them with continual inspiration.